Snow Playland

APPI Snow Playland From playing in the snow to skiing and snowboarding for the first time It is a snowy open space where everyone can be happy.

The family area “and” active area “until last year have become one and more fun! Playing in the snow is more fun and exciting, and there are plenty of areas for skiing and snowboarding for the first time.

From tubing and sled play to snowmobiles and snow rafting, we have a lineup of products that can be played widely from children to adults! It is a happy snow park where you can enjoy the snow with your family and friends.

・Anyone from children to adults can enter. (Adults only are also OK) ・Children under 13 years old must be accompanied byguardians (junior high school student or older).
Open Period December 12, 2020(Sat) -March 21, 2021(Sun)
Open Hours 9:30 to 16:00
Admission Fee ・1-day admission ticket (3 years old and over):1,000yen * Free for children under 3 years old (However, a one-day ticket (1,000 yen) is required for parents and guardians
・Those who have a lift ticket:800 yen
・Sunset admission ticket (3 years old and over):500 yen *Limited admission ticket after 15:00.
・Snow playland season ticket:3,000 yen (3 years old and over) *Can be used any number of times during the business period