2019826 update

3 Big Reasons for Children To Hate Skiing

  • Difficult
  • Scared
  • Dangerous

10 More Detailed Reasons

  • Snow is too soft
    to walk.
  • Some technical terms are
    difficult to understand.
  • I can never make the skis
    under control!!
  • Shorter skis are much
    easier than longer skis.
  • I’m trying to move forward
    but the skis just won’t
    listen to me…
  • They say I need to
    make an angle…
    but what’s that mean??
  • Sometimes
    I learn slow…
  • The slope is scary!
  • I get bored easily.
  • My back aches
    when speeding.


Our APPI Happy Kids School can solve all these problems!

APPI Happy Kids School is the first school to bring in the “Magic Lesson” program in the Tohoku region. The Man-Made ski slope and the friction mat are unique to this program, also the one and only teaching way which is developed in Japan.


Magic Lesson ski lesson program for everyone to enjoy and learn!

Magic lesson is for children who have never skied before or have tried once but can’t ski by themselves.

  • Skis for Practice

    Skis for Practice

    These skis are made specially for lessons. You
    can choose from the skis with 68cm, 78cm,
    88cm, and 108cm depend on your heights.

  • Indoor Man-Made Ski Slope Mat

    Indoor Man-Made Ski Slope Mat

    This mat reduces the fear of falling, so children
    can practice in a better condition.

★Before skiing outside, practicing in a friction mat is the feature of the friction program.
  • Outdoor Ski Slope for Practice

    Outdoor Ski Slope for Practice

    We have a ski slope and a ski escalator for real
    snow skiing debut, so they can promise safety
    and convenience.

  • Improve Fast with Magic Instruments

    Improve Fast with Magic Instruments

    Instruments made to enhance the power of
    stretching, bending, and hitting will help children
    to become a better skier!

★After practicing at the indoor studio, children can finally ski without fears on the real snow.


The instruments at the indoor studio or outdoor ski slope are like toys to grab children’s attention. These
toys are full of secrets which allow children to learn correct postures and edging.

Lesson Flow

Lesson has the first part, training indoor, and the second part, training outdoor.

Once we do warm-up exercises, let’s go outside with the skis♪
Children can get used to skis by walking around the area.

Then, let’s practice on the friction mat! The instruments will
attract and motivate children.

In the second part, children can finally ski out-side using
the same instruments to assure their safety.

The snow escalator can help you
go up without any stress!

Lesson Schedule

You can choose from
2-lesson-day or 4-lesson-day

  2-lesson-day 4-lesson-day
8:30~13:30 8:30~13:45
A.M. 1. 10:00~12:00

1. 9:45~11:45
2. 10:30~12:30

P.M. 2. 13:30~15:30

3. 13:15~15:15
4. 14:00~16:00

  • ・The duration of each lesson is 2 hours. You can enjoy the lesson for 2 hours or 4 hours.
  • ・If you want to have the lesson for 4 hours, the lesson schedule on 4-lesson-day would be 1 + 3 or 2 + 4
  • ・The starting time might differ, so please check the calendar below.
  • 2-lesson-day
  • 4-lesson-day

* Please come to the reception at least 30 minutes before the lesson begins.


2019-20 Happy Kids School Lesson Fee
* For inbound lesson

  people AM PM/2h full day/4h
A group lesson   8,500 yen 14,500 yen
A private lesson/ regular schedule 1 30,000 yen 45,000 yen
2 38,000 yen 53,000 yen
3 48,000 yen 63,000 yen
A private lesson/ particular schedule day 1 50,000 yen 65,000 yen
2 55,000 yen 70,000 yen
3 60,000 yen 75,000 yen

*particular schedule day: December 27th-January 3rd
                                           January 11th-12th
                                           January 24th-31th
                                           February 22th-23rd
*A price includes a lesson fee and a rental of equipment fee


Age Range
Business Period
14th, Dec, 2019(Sat)-31st, March, 2020(Tus)
What to Bring
Please bring your ski wear, hats, and gloves.

* We have professional skis, ski boots, and helmets ready for you.

  • ・Please get dressed in your ski wear when you come to the lesson.
  • ・Please have a hat without any accessory in case it doesn’t fit in your helmet.
  • ・Please wear a comfortable and quick-drying underwear.
  • ・Please wear long socks to prevent any damage caused by friction inside the ski boots.
  • ・If your child still wears a diaper, please make sure to bring enough of them.
  • ・If you are a repeater to the lesson, please show us the lesson card before the class begins.

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