Measures against COVID-19 (Ski Resort)

It is considered that skiing and snowboarding which we can enjoy in nature as outdoor sports are safe by its good ventilation. However, we will implement infection control measures based on the guidelines set by the government and related organizations for places where there is a possibility of becoming three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings).
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts so that you can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Request to customers

  • Please keep a social distance in places that are easily crowded, whether outdoors or indoors.
  • Please wear a face mask when entering the facility.
  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers, washing hands and gargling regularly. In addition, please cooperate in wearing a mask at indoor facilities.
  • Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or if you are in poor physical condition such as a cold.Please cooperate with the temperature measurement before entering the facility and the ski slopes.
  • We recommend installing and using COCOA which is an application to confirm contact with COVID-19.

Click here to install COCOA

  • Even outdoors, please refrain from talking loudly in places where people can easily gather, such as waiting for a lift or while riding.
  • If the infection with COVID-19 is confirmed, please follow the instructions of the health center, medical institution, and related organizations.

About measures of each facility and correspondence of staffs

Ticket sales

  • We recommend online ticket sales and cashless payment at the ticket office.
  • Alcohol disinfectant is installed at the ticket office.
  • Ticket counters are separated by acrylic boards.

Gondola lift

  • The gondola carrier is regularly disinfected.
  • Please open the window to ventilate the inside of the gondola carrier.
  • We may limit the number of people riding gondola or chairlift.
  • We may ask you to ride the gondola with other group.
  • Please keep social distance and refrain from talking loudly while waiting for gondola riding.
  • Please cooperate in wearing a gondola, a mask/face mask while riding a lift, and gloves.
  • Information boards are posted to maintain the interval in the queue.


  • Rental items such as clothing are disinfected after each use.
  • Please wear a mask when entering the rental shop at the time of reception or return.
  • Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering the rental shop.
  • We recommend applying online and making cashless payments.


  • Please cooperate with the temperature measurement of the student at the reception counter.
  • We recommend applying online and making cashless payments.
  • Instructors and staff will wear masks or neck warmers. Customers are requested to wear it as well.
  • For other measures, we will comply with the guidelines established by SAJ, SIA, and JSBA.

Changing rooms, lockers, bathrooms, etc.

  • We will limit the number of people in the changing room.
  • We will disinfect and ventilate the changing rooms regularly.
  • Please wait outside when bathroom is crowded.
  • When using coin lockers, please cooperate not using adjacent lockers at the same time.


  • We will reduce the number of seats, arrange seats while maintaining a social distance, and take measures to prevent droplet infection by partitioning the table with an acrylic plate.
  • Restaurants are regularly ventilated.
  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers before entering the restaurant.
  • We have a full range of take-away menus, so please use them.


  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers, wearing a mask before entering the shop.
  • Shops are regularly ventilated.
  • Please cooperate with keeping a social distance at the cash register.

First aid room

  • The first aid room will only provide first aid for the injuries in the ski area. We cannot handle people with fever or poor physical condition.
  • The first aid room is regularly ventilated.
  • When using the first aid room, please wear a mask and disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering the room.

Employee infection control

  • We check the temperature and physical condition every day.
  • We carry out diligent hand washing, gargle, and alcohol disinfection.
  • In front of customers, we will wear masks, etc., and gloves if necessary.
  • At the counter, we will isolate with acrylic boards as much as possible.

Other infection counterplan

  • Other infection control measures will be implemented based on the guidelines provided by the Japan Steel Cable Transportation Association, the Japan Snow Sports & Resorts Council, and the Ski Resort Study Group (* Participating in “New Normal” at ski resorts). In addition, we will update the new corona infection prevention measures according to the situation.