Popular park builder×pro coaching.Safe and highly practice efficient snow park.

World standard safety designed, one of the greatest snow park in Asia.From beginners to athletes can enjoy.

Pre-opening the end of December
Open hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location PRO LINE : Shirakaba slope (between gondola and 1st pair lift)
PUBLIC PARK Shirakaba slope (on the side of ANA INTERCONTINENTAL APPI KOGEN RESORT, the right side of Central Quad lift)
Where to buy park a season ticket APPI HAPPY MALL ticket center
*You need to purchase a seasonal ticket for the park (PRO LINE 20,000 yen, PUBLIC PARK 1,000 yen) in addition to ski lift pass.
* Please put a sticker on your helmet or board as a certificate.
* Please buy at the ticket center. Online purchase is not available.
At the park Please be sure to wear a helmet in the park. You must to wear a helmet in PRO LINE.