Spring mini backcountry tour

Experience the original attraction that you can’t feel on the slopes.

A short backcountry tour where you can experience the nature of Appi as spring approaches. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding while feeling the healing of the forest in this time of the year, such as the smell of trees and the chirping of wild birds.

Participant conditions

  • Skiers and snowboarders capable of skiing on non-compacted snow slopes.
  • Those who have the physical strength to climb the snowy mountains.
  • Those who fully understand the difference of risks between on the ski slopes and outside the controlled area.
Open period 2021.3.1 – 2021.4.25
Open hours [AM]9:00〜11:30
Price (tax included) Half day … 6,500 JPY (9,850 JPY if only one participant)
1 day … 12,000 JPY (16,000 JPY if only one participant)
* Lift ticket fee is required seperately.
Capacity 2-4 people
Application deadline Until 17:00 the day before
* It may be possible to accept even on the day depending on availability.
Mountain skiing, telemark, snowboarding, helmet, beacon, tour pole, backpack required (rental available)
Drinks, high-energy food *Skiing will hike up with seal attached, snowboarding requires snowshoes.

Reservation / Inquiry

Appi Backcountry Tours (Hotel Appi Grand 1F Ihatov Appi Nature Tours)

Please check and fill out the questionnaire in advance before applying.

Precautions for participating in backcountry tours

Participation is conditional on those who agreed with all of the following contents.

  • Advanced skiers and snowboarders who can ski on non-compacted snow slopes.
  • Experienced people with backcountry. * Inexperienced people will be asked to take a lesson for BC beginners in advance and will be judged to participate in the CAT tour.
  • Those who fully understand the risks of behaviour outside the controlled area of snowy mountains.
  • There are Japanese and English speaking member in the group.
  • It is possible to control speed, slide and stop safely on any non-compacted snow slopes or snow condition.
  • You can stand up by yourself even if you fall down to deep snow.
  • Please follow the guide's instructions during the tour as it is a group activity.
  • If you have been injured or ill in the past, please let us know in advance.
  • Please note that if there is a difference in skill or physical strength in the party, we will adjust the level.
  • If the guide determines that the level is insufficient, the person will be asked to leave the tour. (No refund)
  • Appi Backcountry Tours will not be responsible for the accidents caused by carelessness during the program. (No refund)
  • Those who have no problem with their health. If you suspect you have a cold or illness on the day, please decline to participate.
  • If you damaged or lost the rental items, you will be asked to compensate for them.
  • Please strictly adhere to the meeting time.
  • This program is held outside the controlled area. Please understand that there are various dangers are involved unlike the maintained areas.
  • Participants are requested to enroll insurance in advance such as mountain insurance, which covers mountain climbing activities.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

Rental items

Alpine tour ski set (ski, seal, pole 3-piece set) 3 hours 6,300 yen
1 day 7,650 yen
Alpine tour ski 3 hours 3,550 yen
5 hours 5,400 yen
1 day 5,900 yen
Backcountry tour pole 1,550 yen  
Climbing skin (seal) 1,250 yen  
Telemark set (ski, boots, stock, seal) 4,600 yen  
Soft telemark set (ski, boots, stock) 3,550 yen  
Telemark ski (seal) 3,050 yen  
Telemark ski (step cut) 2,550 yen  
Telemark hard boots 2,050 yen  
Telemark soft boots 1,550 yen  
BC snowshoes 3,300 yen  
Cross country ski set (13 yrs and above) 2,050 yen  
Cross country ski set (7-12 yrs) 1,050 yen  
Helmet rental 520 yen Tour participants only
Beacon (tracker) 2,550 yen Tour participants 520 yen
Shovel 1,050 yen Tour participants 520 yen
Probe 1,050 yen Tour participants 520 yen
Rucksack (single item) 1,550 yen  

* The price is for one day (1 tour or 8 hours).

At backcountry tours & lessons

  • Every morning, staffs will check thier health condition by taking body temperature and disinfect.
  • For guide and reception staffs, they will wear masks or neck warmers.
  • Please keep a certain distance and line up at the reception.
  • Please wear a mask when you apply for the program.
  • Participants should wear neck warmers or something to cover mouths during the lesson.
  • Contactless payment is recommended.
  • Participants are requested to come to the reception to take body temperature.
  • We will refuse to join the program if your body temperature is 37.5℃ or over.
  • For lift rides, we will follow the guidelines set by ski resorts.