Slopes Slopes
  • Groomed Slope
  • Skiers only
  • Light powder run / Un-groomed run
  • Skiers only
  • SSki Association of Japan Official Run
  • Advanced
  • Intermeiate
  • Beginner
    • 1Mt. Iwate(2,038m)
    • 2Mt. Maemori (1,304m)
    • 3Mt. Nishimori (1,328m)
  • 4Light Powder Run
  • 5Skiing & Event Use only
  • 6Skiers only
  • 7Ski Racing only
  • 8Mogul Practice Course
  • 9Salomon Snowpark
  • 10Skill-up Zone
  • 11APPI Happy Snowpark
Number of Runs 21
Total Length of Run 43,100m
Longest Run 5,500m
Maximum Slope 34 degrees
Level of terrain Beginner 30%
Intermediate 40%
Advanced 30%
Number of Lifts 1 Gondola,
3 Quad Lifts,
6 Double Chair Lifts
Elevation Elevation top of the Maemori: 1,304m
APPI Happy Mall 620m
Vertical Rise: 684m

Groomed Trails

    Skiing down the freshly groomed slope in the early morning gives you nothing but exhilaration.
    Groomed until very last minute of preparation in the morning to best serve the novice skiers/snowboarders.
    Kakko and Kitsutsuki
    Trails exclusive for skiers are least affected by the wind, offering good conditions any time.

Skiing/snowboarding powder

    Mt. Nishimori – Yamagara
    A highly acclaimed powder trail very popular for both skiers and snowboarders. It is not uncommon to find a line being formed before the lifts start operation.
    Second Sailer A
    Big moguls will be formed in its upper section when snow dumped. Its ungroomed trail stretches over 2 km.
    Mt. Nishimori – Inuwashi
    Another powder run connected with Yamagara is also loved by mogul fanatics. Your mogul skiing is put to the test there.

Improve your technique for the next level

    Salomon Snowpark
    Hone your free riding skills further with the rails, boxes, half pipe and more at the Salomon Snowpark. Perform your new tricks on piste once you mastered new ones!
    Skill-up Zone
    Tired of flat runs and want to challenge for the next level? Train yourself with a series of bumps and banks to improve your skiing. The area is also good for Families with kids to practice.
    Mogul Practice Course
    Do you fancy skiing mogul but never tried before? Then start your mogul career at APPI. This course is dedicated to mogul skiing practice.

For long run lovers

    Yamabato – 5.5km
    Take the gondola straight to the summit of the mountain and enjoy skiing down the 5.5 km long run. Beginner skiers/snowboarders can comfortably enjoy at their own pace as this is a green run. If you felt tired halfway, get some rest at Nishimori House with refreshments.
    Sailor Long – 4 km
    Starting off with steep slope with more than 20 degrees, the run is for the advanced skiers/snowboarders in its upper section while the middle and lower section is for intermediate and beginners respectively. The upper section often becomes the first to open in APPI and actually remains opened till last to serve Spring skiing.
    Hayabusa – 3km
    Otaka – 3km
    These two pistes run in parallel, and are most easily accessible from the hotels. Advanced for the upper section and beginners for the lower section.

Skiing in spring!

For the die-hard skiers, spring can be a good season to fully enjoy skiing with far less-crowded runs and cheaper lodging. Get your ski/snowboard properly prepared for slushy snow, and come along with your mates to APPI!
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Course Guide

Course Name Distance Width(m) Steepness(deg)
A Shirakaba
Wide-open run in front of APPI Happy Mall. A green run suitable for families and beginners
1,000m 300~70 16~9
B Hayabusa
One of the famous runs with certified giant slalom course. The run is lit-up for evening.
3,000m 70~30 30~19
C Otaka
Upper steep section is for advanced skiers/snowboarders. The lower section is best for beginners.
3,000m 70~30 31~16
D Kakesu
The run is diverted from Otaka. For intermediate and beginners.
1,500m 50~35 24~12
E Kakko
Skiers only run. Ski racing competitions regularly held here.
2,800m 50~30 28~14
F Kitsutsuki
Skiers only.
2,200m 50~30 28~12
G Yamagara
Ungroomed run at Mt. Nishimori is known for quality powder.
900m 50~20 32~23
H Inuwashi
Ideal run for mogul skiing.
1,000m 80~25 30~16
I Yamabato
The 5.5 km run is the longest in APPI. Beginners can enjoy skiing down from the mountain top on this green run.
5,500m 30~15 20~15
J Sekirei
Connecting Sailor runs to central runs.
1,600m 80~15 26~10
K Karugamo
Ideal for beginners practice.
1,200m 30~15 15~10
L Sailer Long
4 km long run often becomes the first to open in APPI and actually remains opened till last to serve Spring skiing.
4,000m 80~30 26~14
M First Sailer A
Long run with various terrains are good for powder skiing..
2,500m 80~25 22~10
N First Sailer B
Wide open piste is for the intermediate. This piste is connected to Sailer Quad Lifts.
2,800m 70~30 18~11
O First Sailer C
Popular long run with moderate slopes
1,000m 65~40 20~13
P Second Sailer A
Challenging, ungroomed run with big bumps is popular among power skiers/snowboarders.
2,300m 70~30 34~16
Q Second Sailer B
This run connects Appi Second to Sailer Long. Enjoyable for the intermediate skiers/snowboarders.
2,500m 60~30 26~11
R Second Sailer C
Popular long run with moderate slopes.
2,000m 50~25 25~10
S Second Appi First Run
Scenic run for all levels skiers/snowboarders.
2,500m 100~30 28~13
T Second Appi Second Run
Wide open piste with two steep drops on the way.
1,000m 100~50 21~12
U Second Appi Third Run
Ungroomed run at the far-east side of the mountains is for the advanced skiers/snowboarders.
800m 55~33 32~13
Shirakaba Run Wide-open slope in front ofAPPI Resort Centre for families and beginners. Distance : 1,000m Width(m) : 300~70 Steepness(deg) : 16~9
Hayabusa Run One of the famous runs with certified giant slalom course. Also, open for night-time riding. Distance : 3,000m Width(m) : 70~30 Steepness(deg) : 30~19
Otaka Run Upper steep section is for advanced riders, and lower section is best for beginner lessons. Distance : 3,000m Width(m) : 70~30 Steepness(deg) : 31~16
Kakesu Run Gradual run divided from Otaka Run. Best for movement analysis. Distance : 1,500m Width(m) : 50~35 Steepness(deg) : 24~12
Kakko Run Skiing & Ski racing only. There are steep and gradual parts. Distance : 2,800m Width(m) : 50~30 Steepness(deg) : 28~14
Kitsutsuki Run Skiers only. Enjoy cruising. Distance : 2,200m Width(m) : 50~30 Steepness(deg) : 28~12
Yamagara Run Ungroomed run located at Mt.Nishimori known as having some of the best snow quality in APPI. Distance : 900m Width(m) : 50~20 Steepness(deg) : 32~23
Inuwashi Run Groomed first overnight, this run on Mt.Nishimori is a great light powder run. Distance : 1,000m Width(m) : 80~25 Steepness(deg) : 30~16
Yamabato Run The longest run of 5500m from the peak of Mt.Maemori to the Shirakaba terrain. Great run for beginners. Distance : 5,500m Width(m) : 30~15 Steepness(deg) : 20~15
Sekirei Run Enjoyable run even during early and late season. It is connected from the sailor slopes to the central slopes. Distance : 1,600m Width(m) : 80~15 Steepness(deg) : 26~10
Karugamo Run Suitable for beginnerfs practice. It is connected to APPI Grand Villa. Distance : 1,200m Width(m) : 30~15 Steepness(deg) : 15~10
Sailer Long Run Long slope continuing to sailor base of the mountain. One of APPIfs symbolic runs. Distance : 4,000m Width(m) : 80~30 Steepness(deg) : 26~14
First Sailer Run A Long run with various vertical changes. One of light powder runs. Distance : 2,500m Width(m) : 80~25 Steepness(deg) : 22~10
First Sailer Run B Open and even slope with intermediate difficulty. This run is connected to Sailer Quad Lifts. Distance : 1,100m Width(m) : 70~30 Steepness(deg) : 18~13
First Sailer Run C Straight run branching off at the Sailer Long Run intersection. Distance : 2,700m Width(m) : 65~40 Steepness(deg) : 20~11
Second Sailer Run A Challenging popular ungroomed run with powder snow and big bumps. Distance : 2,300m Width(m) : 70~30 Steepness(deg) : 34~16
Second Sailer Run B This run leads from Second Slopes to Sailer Long Run. It is enjoyable with medium to gentle slopes. Distance : 2,500m Width(m) : 60~30 Steepness(deg) : 26~11
Second Sailer Run C Popular long run with gentle slopes. Distance : 2,000m Width(m) : 50~25 Steepness(deg) : 25~10
Second Slopes First Run Scenic run for all levels of riders with gradual steepness. Distance : 2,500m Width(m) : 100~30 Steepness(deg) : 28~13
Second Slopes Second Run Wide open slope with two steep drops on the way. Distance : 2,500m Width(m) : 100~50 Steepness(deg) : 21~12
Second Slopes Third Run Ungroomed slope on the far-east side of the mountains. It is hot spot on a powder day. Distance : 800m Width(m) : 55~33 Steepness(deg) : 32~13