Access from Morioka


Morioka Station ⇔ Appi Kogen
Route bus / charter bus

Currently, there are no shuttle bus operation between Appi Kogen and this place. Please use public transportation.


Please check the Japanese website for prices and details.


Reference travel time: It takes about 60 minutes in the shortest from Morioka Station to Appi Kogen Station (the train To Oodate, Iwate Ginga Railway Line. *need to transfer at Koma if you take the train To Hachinohe).

  • Operating company / JR-East
  • Reservation / Not required (Anyone can use the train)
  • Fare / One way 1,170 yen (children 580 yen *6 years old to elementaly school students)

Morioka Station → Appi Kogen *as of 2021.3.13

Morioka Station Appi Kogen Station
5:00 5:59
6:55 8:01
9:31 10:30
12:37 13:36
16:40 17:40
18:08 19:08
20:02 21:03

Appi Kogen Station→ Morioka Station *as of 2021.3.13

Appi Kogen Station Morioka Station
6:35 7:37
7:14 8:20
8:38 9:40
11:37 12:36
12:47 13:56
15:30 16:31
19:40 20:38
21:36 22:44

Timetable may be revised. Please be sure to check JR-East website.


Reference travel time: It takes about 46 minites from Morioka IC to Appi Kogen using the toll Tohoku Highway, 60 minites using local road.
* Reference travel time varies depending on the weather and road conditions.
Roads may freeze in winter. When you visit us, please put snow tires, tire chains on, etc. and drive safely.


Reference travel time: The shortest route between Sendai Station and Morioka Station is about 40 minutes.