Access from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

Here is the information on how to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

Narita Airport

There are 3 terminals at Narita Airport.

  • Terminal 1
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3

*ANA groups are at Terminal 1, and JAL groups are at Terminal 2.

Narita Airport Station

  • Terminal 1

Airport Terminal 2 Station

  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3

From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

Narita Airport Station
Narita Express
Airport Terminal 2 Station
Narita Express
Tokyo Station

Access to Tokyo Station by Narita Express
Approx. 60 min

Arrival gate, take the escalator in front and down to the lower floor.

Take the escalator down to the lower floor again.

After getting off the escalator, go for JR Line.

See Starbucks on the right side, then walk 2 or 3 seconds more.

JR Ticket Office. *JR Ticket office (Midori-no-Madoguchi) is recommended if you buy Shinkansen ticket too.

Tap the red button.

Tap the top button.

Tap “From Narita Airport Terminal 1”.

Tap “Tokyo”.

Insert the amount, and receive the fare ticket and express ticket.

Go through the gate with the fare ticket, then take the escalator in front down the lower floor.

Narita Express departs from Platform 1.

Find your seat with the car number and seat number on the fare ticket.*Passengers cannot ride on the train during clean-up time even the train arrives at the station (keep out).

Please wait behind the yellow line until the keep-out line is lifted 5 minutes before departure time.

Narita Express arrives.

Arrive at Tokyo Station. *Narita Express arrives at B3F.

Take the escalator up to B1F.

Follow the Shinkansen marks on the sign and go to Tohoku Shinkansen gate.

The green mark is for Tohoku Shinkansen. *The blue mark is for Sanyo Shinkansen.

*This access is from the Arrival Lobby on 1F at Terminal 2.
*The information may be changed, please check the latest information in advance.