Glamping Stay
in APPI Resort

We offer comfortable accomodation for you to better enjoy the true joy of glamping and harmony with the nature.

We offer high quality hotel-made BBQ; aside from the cuisine, you can experience refreshing highland breeze during the day and a star-filled sky at night.

We offer pet-friendly stay (dedicated glamping site) where you can stay with your pet.

Situated in Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan, our unique Glamping campsite allows you to enjoy the natural charms of the Hachimantai Forest.

Enjoy your special experience that can only be found in APPI!


Classical and spacious
living space.

The higThe high quality tent has high, open ceilings and a classical Mexican rug that adds to the ambience, comfortably accommodating 2-4 people. The Living area has a permanently installed tarp, allowing you to enjoy your BBQ even when it rains.

Nordisk Vanaheim: 4-person capacity
Nordisk Vanaheim: 4-person capacity
Lotus Belle: 4-person capacity
Lotus Belle: 4-person capacity
Nordisk Asgard: 2-person capacity
Nordisk Asgard: 2-person capacity


hotel-made Cuisine

Dinner in glamping is served with BBQ of hotel-made quality. All ingredients and cooking utensils will be delivered to your glamping tent. For breakfast, you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet at the adjacent ANA Crowne Plaza Resort, APPI Kogen.

View our BBQ Menu
  • Glamping BBQ dinner MENU (per person)
  • Hachimantai mushroom ajillo
  • Seasonal grilled vegetables
  • Cheese fondue from APPI Kogen
  • Garlic butter/baguette
  • Wagyu beef ribeye steak
  • APPI Prime Pork® ribeye
  • Samgyopsal (Korean pork belly grill)
  • Grilled prawn skewers
  • Sausage on the bone
  • Hasselback potatoes
  • Grilled rice balls
  • *Menus are subject to change depending on availability. Photos are for reference only.


Healing and relaxing
moments in APPI Onsen

Our glamping accommodation plan includes bathing ticket (*tax included) for one of the largest open-air baths in the Tohoku region, the Shirakaba-no-Yu Onsen. Bath towels and other amenities are available.

Feel the extraordinary
nature with all your senses

Glamping is the perfect field of play in the natural surroundings of the APPI Kogen, where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery. At night, enjoy the stars and gather around the fire; in the morning, wake up with fresh air and a gentle sunrise to start your day. Come and enjoy an extraordinary experience of nature with all your senses.


Can we drive our vehicles next to the Glamping site?
Yes. There is also a dedicated Glamping car park nearby.
Is there a fridge in the tent?
Standard settings of tent does not include fridge, however coolers is available for rental. Please enquire at reception.
Is there heating in the tent?
Electric rugs are available. Other heating devices are also available for rental.
Is it possible to have bonfire after check-in?
Yes. Firewood and other equipment are available for sale/rental on site. Please enquire at reception.
Can I have barbecue before dinner?
Yes, but please note that we do not provide food before dinner. You can prepare your own food for the barbecue. Charcoal and grills are available for sale/rental at the Glamping site. Please enquire at reception.
Can I peg inside the campsite?
Unfortunately, according to the rules of glamping site management, visitors are not allowed to peg at the campsite.
Where is the check-in point?
Please check-in at APPI Forest House. See the map at the bottom of the webpage for details, or call or email for more information.
Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes please. We also offer a variety of food and drinks at check-in point.
Are fireworks allowed?
Due to safety consideration, only hand-held fireworks are allowed, but please refrain from using them after 22:00. Buckets of water for fire extinguishing are available for sale. Please enquire at reception.
What is the distance to the bathing facilities?
It is approximately 400 metres to the main baths at the ANA Crowne Plaza Resort, and approximately 1,000 metres to the hot springs at the Shirakaba-no-Yu Onsen. Transportation to onsen is available at request.
What is the recommended distance between SaunAPPI site?
It depends, but we recommend distance of 5-10 metres.

Facilities and Amenities

With its extensive resort facilities, APPI Kogen offers comfortable glamping stay. Please confirm details at reception.


  • Bell tent-type tents
  • Tarp
  • BBQ stove
  • Wooden table
  • Wooden bench chairs
  • Futon set (bed/pillow/cover quilt)
  • Room light
  • Power cord (due to power capacity, heating equipment cannot be used)
  • Toilet and washroom facilities (in APPI Forest camping site)
  • Bathing facilities (ANA Crowne Plaza APPI Kogen Resort Public Baths and Shirakaba-no-Yu Onsen are available)


  • Tableware (no drinking glasses available, guests are requested to prepare their own if necessary)
  • Electric kettle
  • Coffee/tea
  • Paper cups
  • Bath towels
  • Face towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Alcohol disinfectant
  • Tissues

Sales and Rental

We offer a full range of sale and rental product to support comfortable glamping experience. We offer on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please check at reception for more detail.


  • Lanterns
  • Mosquito coils
  • Bells to repel bears
  • Cooler boxes
  • Ashtrays
  • Fireworks buckets

Rental (tax included)

  • Iron plate (1 piece) 1,100 yen
  • Rental fire pit (with firewood) 1,100 yen

For sale (tax included)

  • Firewood (1 basket) 2,200 yen
  • Additional charcoal 1,100 yen

Site Map

The public bath of ANA Crowne Plaza APPI Kogen Resort is approximately 400m away from the glamping site. Shirakaba-no-Yu onsen is approximately 1,000 m away. When using Shirakaba-no-yu, it is convenient to use the circular bus (wagon) that departs from the ANA Crowne Plaza APPI Kogen Resort front desk entrance.

Overview of APPI Glamping

Operating Period
Wednesday 1 May - Sunday 3 November 2024 *Last check-out on 4 Nov (Mon).
Glamping accommodation plan
Dinner (glamping BBQ), breakfast (at ANA Crowne Plaza Resort, APPI Kogen), a ticket for the Shirakaba-no-yu Onsen,with bath tax included.
Up to 17:00 one day in advance
Check-in Check-out
Reception: APPI Forest Log House
Check-in:After 14:00
Check-out:Before 10:00
※Please leave rental items in your tent.
Number of tenants
Up to 4 persons per site
Cancellation charges
Cancellation without notice / 100%.
On the day of check-in/80%.
One day before check-in/50%.
2-7 days before check-in/ 20%.
In the event that glamping is deemed unsafe due to extreme weather conditions such as typhoons, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Depending on the season, there may be many insects. Please take precautions.
  • It may be cold in the morning and evening. Please wear cold-proof clothing.
  • You may bring your own food and drinks.
  • Please be careful with charcoal fire.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the tent. Smoking is allowed on the deck. (Ashtrays can be rented in the log house).
  • Please do not leave snacks or food unattended on the table. There is a danger of wildlife approaching the tent.
  • Only hand-held fireworks is allow. Please do not play it after 10pm.
  • If you bring your own fire pit, please enjoy it in the designated area.
  • When checking out, please check your tent one last time to make sure you haven't forgotten anything before leaving. Please leave rental items in your tent.
Other Information
There is also an auto-camping park in the area.
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