Glamping is popular. You can feel relax and enjoy the glamping BBQ and the starry sky at the resort.

Glamping in the blessed nature Appi Resort.Enjoy BBQ with the higher-grade ingredients prepared by the hotel and be impressed by the starry sky.Breakfast at the hotel in the morning.Please enjoy the extraordinary stay to your heart’s content.

Guests Those who book the glamping plan
*Please check the Japanese website for prices and details.
Open period 1st June 2022 – 31st October 2022
*Open period might be changed.
Cancellation Cancellation fee will be charged from 7 days before your stay. However, in case we judge that glamping is dangerous due to typhoon or other stormy weather, cancellation fee will not be charged.
  • 7-2 days before…20%
  • 1 day before…50%
  • On the day…80%
  • No Show…100%

Please check the Japanese website for prices and details.

Nature experience

Camping while watching the scenery of the four seasons on the Appi Resort surrounded by nature is the best play field. At night, enjoy the stars that seems like almost reachable, talk around the fire, and wake up in the morning with the refreshing air and the sunrise and the chirping of birds that gently wrap the beginning of the day. Please enjoy the extraordinary time while feeling nature with your five senses.

Fully equipped space

The permanent glamping tents are so spacious that you can’t imagine it is inside the tent. Even in the prepared space, you can enjoy a different experience from the usual camp. You can also bring your own camping equipment.

The blissful moment on BBQ with ingredients prepared by the hotel. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel to your heart’s content.

For dinner, you can enjoy a higher-grade BBQ. We will deliver the ingredients and cooking utensils to your tent, so please just bring yourself. You can also enjoy a meal with your dog. Enjoy specialty breakfast of the hotel to your heart’s content.

Glamping BBQ Menu (per person) *Menu is subject to change.

  • Appetizer (Bruschetta, Pate de champagne, Prosciutto etc.)
  • Vegetable sticks, Spanish-style garlic shrimp and Hachimantai mushroom
  • Beef shoulder loin steak (150g),Pork steak (100g), Seasonal vegetables
  • Grilled foil-wrapped salmon with herb, Appi milk and baked cheese pot-au-feu
  • Seafood paella, S’more(marshmallow,cracker,chocolate)

Appi Hotels are very close! Hotel stay is available when it is stormy weather.

In stormy weather, we will offer Appi Hotels’ room for your safety, so please feel free to come. Please check the accommodation plan for details.

Appi Hot Spring “Shirakaba-no-Yu” ticket included.

You can use the largest natural open-air bath in Tohoku region, “Shirakaba-no-Yu”. A calm space where you can feel the warmth of wood built in a traditional Japanese building will heal your daily tiredness. At night, enjoy the hot spring while watching the stars in the sky. The bathing ticket is valid only on the day of stay.

You can enjoy with your pet.

You can enjoy with your pet as your family member. If you stay with your pet, please check and sign the terms of use. Please bring pet meals on your own.


  • 店舗開業前及客人使用後,餐桌・椅子會用酒精進行消毒。
  • 店舗內定時實施通風換氣。
  • 店鋪開業前,入口和收銀臺等會用酒精進行定時除菌消毒。
  • 進店時請戴上口罩,並用入口配備的除菌用酒精對手部進行消毒。
  • 餐桌上沒有擺放餐桌套件(醬油、鹽、牙簽等)。希望使用的客人請詢問工作人員。


  • 進店時以及取食物時,為了防止飛沫感染,請務必帶上口罩。
  • 在會場入口給您準備了塑料手套。請在取食物時使用。
  • 店鋪開業前,入口和收銀臺等會用酒精進行定時除菌消毒。
  • 夾子類會定期更換。
  • 為了緩解擁擠情況,有限制人數入店的情況。