About ski slopes after 19th April.

UPDATE: 2021.04.20

Due to snow melting around the foot of the mountain, the business contents after 19th April will be changed as follows. Since the open courses are only from the mountaintop to the middle, please use the gondola for both round trips to the slopes. In addition, please refrain from using for beginners as these include steep slope sections. Thank you for your understanding.

Business contents after 19th April.

Ski lift

  • Gondola 8:30 am~ Up 3:30 pm /Down 4:30 pm
  • Central 3rd 8:50 am~3:50 pm
  • Central 4th 9:00 am~4:00 pm


  • Hayabusa course 3, 4
  • Otaka course 3
  • Long ~ Sekirei Course

*These may be changed without notice due to snowmelt and weather conditions.