Tree run zone

There are 5 areas in total for the tree run on Appi Kogen.

There are 5 areas in total for the tree run on Appi Kogen. Experience the fun of the wonderful powder and tree.* All tree run zones are for advanced and above. Only those who have approved all the local rules and have completed the prescribed entry procedure can go there.

  1. Attack LV.5
  2. Bravo LV.1
  3. Cruise1 LV.3
  4. Cruise2 LV.2
  5. Dragon Tail LV.4

1Attack(distance / approx. 900m Area/approx. 30ha)

After getting off the Nishimori lift, traverse to the attack zone. You can enjoy the finest snow quality and the steepest slope powder in the upper part. The area is wide, about 30ha in total. Various lines can be made, so easy to aim fresh snow. The upper part, middle part, and lower part have different tree spacing and snow quality, so you can enjoy the change.
The attack zone is an area where you cannot return to the slopes if you make a mistake on the course. Please check the pink ribbons wrapped around the tree as a landmark. Bring a map or GPS.
Within the zone, there is a valley terrain in the area shown in red on the map below. Please note that it will get stuck on days with heavy snowfall. Please refrain from acting alone. If the gate is closed, it is a very dangerous situation where there is a risk of an avalanche. Please do not enter.

2Bravo(distance / approx. 250 m Area / approx. 3ha)

A tree run zone located between Yamagara course and Inuwashi course on the Nishimori slope.
Although the distance is short, there are large birch trees and Abies mariesii, and you can feel like a tree run in a beautiful landscape.
Since it is not affected by wind and sunlight as much, it keeps good snow quality.

3Cruise1(Distance /approx.600 m Area/approx. 10ha)

Entry from the top of the Sailer Long Course. As with the Sailer Long Course, a certain steep slope continues until the middle. A fun zone where you can cruise through the trees along the lines.

4Cruise2(Distance / approx. 200 m Area/approx. 4ha)

You can enjoy the forest from the upper part of the Sekirei course to the lower part of the Sekirei course. The distance is short but wide, and if you use the Central 3rd Lift, it is easy to retry in a short time.

5Dragon Tail(Distance/approx. 1,000 m Area/ approx. 16ha)

The forest between the 2nd sailer course A and the second slope is opened as a tree run zone. You can glide a distance of about 1,000m. It is an area where the wind is hard to hit and snow easily accumulates, and the forests block direct sunlight, making it easy to maintain the best snow quality.

Appi Tree Run Zone Terms of Use

Each tree run zone in Appi Kogen can only be used by those who have accepted all the following local rules and have completed the prescribed entry procedures.

Entry procedure is required before use.

  1. There is a” Tree Run Zone Entry Corner “on the 1st floor of Appi Plaza, please complete the procedure there.
  2. The entry procedure must be done by the person who uses it.
  3. Prepare one armband provided in the entry corner.
  4. Fill in the required items such as the armband number on the entry form and post it in the entry box.
  5. Fit the armband to the arm so that the number is easy to see, and the entry is completed.

The armband must be returned after use.

  1. After using the Tree Run Zone, please leave your armband in the return box provided at the entry corner.

Appi Tree Run Zone Local Rules

Those who do not approve the following things will not be able to use the Tree Run Zone.

The available time of the tree run zone (hereinafter referred to as the zone) is as follows, and its use is limited to advanced users. However, if the patrol is judged to be dangerous or if the lift operation is changed, the time may be shortened or skiing may be prohibited.

Course Open time Closed time (local time)
Attack After safety confirmation 14:00
Bravo After safety confirmation 15:30
Cruise1 After safety confirmation 15:00
Cruise2 After safety confirmation 15:00
Dragon Tail After safety confirmation 15:00
  • Be sure to wear a helmet when using the zone.
  • Before using the zone, please make an entry procedure after agreeing with all the rules and precautions at the 1st floor of Appi Plaza, and be sure to wear the designated arm belt.
  • In addition, please return the arm belt to the designated place after using the zone.
  • The zone is a special area of self-responsibility. Please refrain from using it alone as we will not perform the final patrol after the business is closed.
  • The range of the zone is indicated by “pink tape” and “caution sign”, so please do not exceed the mark.
  • There is a guidance sign in the zone, so please glide along the guidance sign.
  • When entering the zone, please enter from the designated gate (entrance), pay attention to the movement of the runner in front, and check the safety before entering.
  • When merging into a general course, give priority to the preceding runner and try to avoid danger by temporarily stopping if necessary.
  • Please fully understand that there are more dangers due to “standing trees”, “terrain”, “snow conditions”, etc. than on general slopes in the zone, and glide at your own risk.
  • Ski resort is not responsible for any injuries or accidents in the zone.
  • If the patrol judges that the area is dangerous due to snowfall, poor visibility due to heavy fog, fallen trees, icy slope, etc., the area will be prohibited from gliding and the gate (entrance) of each zone will be closed.
  • If entry is recognized when the zone is “no skiing”, your lift ticket will be confiscated due to the zone will be “outside of ski resort control area”.
  • If rescue activities are carried out in the zone, outside of the ski resort control area, or in a completely off-limits area, the rescue fee set by the ski resort will be charged even during the available hours.
  • In addition, we will charge the rescue fee even if there is rescue cooperation from the police and fire department.

Basic charge (within 1 hour / consumption tax included)

Area Fee Remarks
Outside the ski resort management area * 1 ・ Tree run zone * 2 100,000 JPY Including labour costs, vehicle costs, and rescue equipment costs
Completely off limits area * 3 200,000 JPY Including labour costs, vehicle costs, and rescue equipment costs
  1. * 1. Outside of the ski resort management area is places where the ski resort regulates such as forests other than the tree run zone, lift routes, other closed courses, etc.
  2. * 2. Tree run zone is special area of self-responsibility (advanced only), and is a target area for paid rescue as well as outside the ski resort management area.
  3. * 3. The completely off-limits area is the forest around the ski resort where there is a high risk of accident.

Those who do not approve the above will be refused the use of the tree run area.

This is the emergency contact phone number directly connected to the Patrol Headquarters. We recommend that you register on your mobile phone.