Appi Nature Tour Guide

Beautiful nature of Appi / Hachimantai in winter.

Encounter beautiful nature in Appi with snowshoes. Feel impressive scenery and attractive nature. We will guide you to a different winter world from skiing and snowboarding.

What are “snowshoes”?

Snowshoes are called “Kanjiki” in Japanese. You can walk on snow comfortably even in deep snow.

Rental information

Snowshoes set (snowshoes, boots, poles) 3,050 yen
Snowshoes 2,100 yen
Snow boots 1,100 yen
Poles 1,100 yen
Backpack 1,550 yen

Appi nature tour guide rental items



  • Every morning, staffs will check thier health condition by taking body temperature and disinfect.
  • For guide and reception staffs, they will wear masks or neck warmers.
  • Please keep a certain distance and line up at the reception.
  • Please wear a mask when you apply for the program.
  • Participants should wear neck warmers or something to cover mouths during the lesson.
  • Contactless payment is recommended.
  • Participants are requested to come to the reception to take body temperature.
  • We will refuse to join the program if your body temperature is 37.5℃ or over.
  • For lift rides, we will follow the guidelines set by ski resorts.