Lift fee

This is the lift fee for the Appi Kogen Ski Resort during the 2021-22 season. The list price includes tax.

Start of season

Period: Slope open – 2021.11.27-2021.12.17


Period: 2021.12.18 – 2022.3.21

  Adult Senior Junior high, High school students Elementary school students
5 hours ticket 5,300 JPY 3,800 JPY 3,200 JPY 2,800 JPY
1-day pass 5,600 JPY 4,100 JPY 3,500 JPY 3,100 JPY
2-day pass 10,900 JPY 7,900 JPY 6,700 JPY 5,900 JPY
3-day pass 16,200 JPY 11,700 JPY 9,900 JPY 8,700 JPY

Night skiing

Period 2021.12.18 – 2022.3.20 (16:00-20:00)
* Open only on Saturdays and specific dates during the period *

  Adult Senior Junior high, High school students Elementary school students
Night ski ticket 2,200 JPY 2,000 JPY 1,700 JPY 1,500 JPY

Spring skiing

Period 2022.3.22 ~ Slope close (2022.5.8 at the longest )

  Adult Senior Junior high, High school students Elementary school students
5 hours ticket 3,900 JPY 3,000 JPY 2,600 JPY 2,400 JPY
1-day pass 4,200 JPY 3,300 JPY 2,900 JPY 2,700 JPY

Coupon tickets

Period: Slope open to slope closed (2022.5.8 at the longest)

  Common to all generations
Coupon tickets (11 tickets) 5,500 JPY
Gondola 1-time ticket 1,650 JPY

With a one-time gondola ticket, you can go on a gondola tour (one round trip). For gondola tours, the last uphill ride is until 15:00 and the last downhill ride is until 15:40.

Before using

  • You can choose the type of lift ticket according to your arrival time, gliding time, etc.
  • The hours-ticket can be used even during the night skiing time.
  • For 5 hours tickets, you can use the lifts that are open on the day from the time you pass through the gate until 5 hours in a row.
  • For 1 day pass, you can use the lift that is open on the day until the end of business after passing through the gate.
  • Senior tickets are for people over 60 years old on the day of use. (You may be asked to show your ID.)
  • Please present your ID when purchasing a junior high or high school student ticket.
  • Children under elementary school age can use the gondola lift free of charge if accompanied by a guardian.
  • If you have a disability certificate, please show it at the lift ticket office. Only the person himself / herself can purchase the lift ticket with half price. (Coupon tickets and discount lift ticket plans are not eligible. Also, they cannot be used in combination with other special offers.)
  • 2-day tickets can be used until the lift business closes the day after purchase, and 3-day tickets can be used until the lift business closes 2 days after purchase.
  • The number of coupon tickets required varies depending on the lift used.
    Gondola lift … 3 points
    Sailer Quad / Vista Quad … 2 points
    Central quad and other lifts … 1 point
  • Lift tickets will not be reissued or refunded.
  • Lift tickets resold or transferred are invalid.
  • If the lift ticket is illegally used (copied, tampered, or altered), legal action will be taken.
  • If you do not comply with the ski resort usage agreement, such as skiing out of the slopes, you may be asked to leave after the lift ticket taken.
  • The course may be closed due to course conditions and special events.
  • Business hours and periods are subject to change without notice due to snow conditions, disasters, etc., such as delays in business start and shortening of business periods.

How to purchase IC lift ticket on WEB SHOP

WEB SHOP is a great deal and convenient. You can charge the required lift ticket at WEB SHOP with the WTP card number printed on the back of the IC card. Customers with a charged IC card do not have to stop at the lift ticket office, which is very convenient.


Refund or change to other products are not acceptable for early bird lift pass, even if the open period are delayed or shortened due to snow condition or disasters.

Early bird lift pass is not be reissued, so please be careful not to lose or damage it.

About countermeasures against COVID-19 at Appi Kogen Ski Resort

Skiing and snowboarding that you can enjoy in nature are considered to be safe to enjoy as outdoor sports because of their good ventilation.
However, we will implement infection control measures based on the guidelines set by the government and related organizations for places where there is a possibility of becoming three Cs.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts so that you can have a safe and enjoyable time.