WEB rental application procedure

If you make a reservation online, the procedure is easy and reliable! Please come without worry.
Just come to Appi Kogen Ski Resort and enjoy skiing and snowboarding with the latest items.

Click the button below to apply for rental skis and snowboards online.

Procedure to application

  1. STEP.1Select rental period and store from the online reservation page
  2. STEP.2Enter your name, menu, size, etc. for each user
  3. STEP.3The reservation number will be posted on the reception completion screen, and the reservation number will be sent to the registered email address.
  4. STEP.4Present the smartphone with the reception number displayed at the rental station counter.
  5. STEP.5Payment at the reception counter.
  6. STEP.6Gear setting at the rental counter.
  7. STEP.7Receive gear from rental staff.

A reception number required for online applications. Please prepare a smartphone (screenshot is also acceptable) with the reception number displayed. You will also need your reception number when you return it.

Target Rental Plans

How to purchase IC lift ticket on WEB SHOP

WEB SHOP is a great deal and convenient. You can charge the required lift ticket at WEB SHOP with the WTP card number printed on the back of the IC card. Customers with a charged IC card do not have to stop at the lift ticket office, which is very convenient.

Click the button below to apply for rental skis and snowboards online.


  1. If you apply on the day, please present the reservation number display screen on the reception completion screen to the reception counter.
  2. A reservation completion email will be sent to the email address at the time of application. Please set the domain of "" to be receivable.
  3. You cannot change the order after the application is completed. Please cancel from "Inquiries about reservation" in the email sent from "STATIN APPI" to the registered email address and apply again.
  4. When applying, please be sure to enter the mobile phone number that we can contact you on the day.
  5. We do not accept applications on paper. If you do not bring your smartphone, please apply from the dedicated terminal at the counter.
  6. Rental items can be rented the day before for guests only. If you wish, please complete the rental by the rental reception time the day before. The day before rental reception time
    ・ Days when there is no night skiing business 15: 00 ~ 16: 00
    ・ Night skiing business days 15: 00 ~ 19: 00

About countermeasures against COVID-19 at Appi Kogen Ski Resort

Skiing and snowboarding that you can enjoy in nature are considered to be safe to enjoy as outdoor sports because of their good ventilation.
However, we will implement infection control measures based on the guidelines set by the government and related organizations for places where there is a possibility of becoming three Cs.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts so that you can have a safe and enjoyable time.